Thursday, April 20, 2006

My earliest, recorded animation

Seeing as this is the beginning of my blog perhaps it would be appropriate to share one of my earliest animations.

This is something I dug up a few years ago and scanned. I don't remember exactly how old I was when I did this, but I would guess about 11-13 years old. The idea of a 'career' never entered my head at that age. I was just a kid who had to entertain himself quietly in church for an hour each week. Unfortunately, I used a PostIt-type pad so by the time I found it and decided to preserve it, there was already a significant number of pages missing. I made quite a few of these violent things. It was just so much fun!

Enjoy: Stick Fight


  1. Ah, that explains a lot.

    I did those as a kid too, but mostly of soldiers parachuting down, firing little dashes as they dropped.

  2. BTW, before you get too attached to blogger, you might check out Google Pages and see if that suits your fancy. Looks pretty nice to me.

  3. Gpages sounds like a good idea. I'm pretty happy with the look and function of the Blogger site, but it may be better to have a normal website with multiple pages and such for a portfolio site. On the other hand it's nice to have everthing easily accessible from just a single page so maybe the difference is minor. With a blog there is an expectation to update frequently, but a normal website could just be made once and no one will fault me if it's been a year with no updates etc.

    I'll play around with it, and maybe when I'm done you can tell me which one you like better.