Wednesday, May 10, 2006

CG Film Quality Graph

(The following is quoted directly from a post on CG-Char by Andrew Silke, so all the credit goes to him)

Someone at work noticed that if you read a list of cg films in chronological order it appeared to read like a best to worst list. So we graphed up the film scores Vs year made. Here's what it looks like. (Jimmy Neutron is mistakenly missing)
Not sure of the accuracy because a couple of Pixar films score 100%. I think those are DVD reviews. But it sure makes for interesting viewing.

Also worth noting is the production house stats. Sure shows why Disney bought Pixar. smiley

Production House RT Average Ratings
Pixar 5 films = 97.2%
Dreamworks 5 films = 72.6%
Blue Sky 3 films = 66%
Disney 3 films = 28%

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