Friday, May 05, 2006

Choice of site formats

Okay, so I've tried three different options for free websites.

The first is this Blogger site, of course. It was very easy to set up and since it's just one page it means that minimal browsing is required to get to my demo reel, resume etc. Unfortunately that mean's that I have to limit the number of links I use and I can't use thumbnails or descriptions for my animations. Also, as a blog, it comes with the implied expectation to update frequently.

The second uses Google Pages and can be found here. It was rediculously easy to set up becuase I could just copy the html directly from my blogger page and BAM! it was done in like 10 minutes. This is a typical website with multiple pages. It's nice because I can have a page dedicated to my animations where I have plenty of room to write descriptions and provide thumbnails (which I haven't yet). I can easily drag and drop pictures anywhere and replace the banner image etc. It's the sort of site that I could upload and then forget about it for a year before my next update.

The third site uses Word Press and combines the best of both worlds, then adds some cons of its own. The front page is a blog, but I can also have a seperate page for my animations. Unfortunately it's not quite as easy to customize. I think I can edit the files offline and then upload them, but it's not just as simple as "click, click, done."

I'm leaning toward the WordPress site, but I want to work on it some more before I direct my domain in that direction.

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