Friday, September 22, 2006

Two Toots for Tut's!

Remember when you had to actually move to California, fight tooth-n-nail for a lowly 'tweener or assistant animator position at Disney, and then peer over the shoulder of a master at work in order to learn how to animate?

Well I don't.

I'm only 23 and frankly I think that pros who take the time to deconstruct their workflow and explain it all in a clear tutorial, then post it on the Internet so everyone can benefit from it rock!

Here are the two latest little nuggets o' gold:

"Animating a Facial Take" - a 10 frame facial take, broken down frame-by-frame by Victor Navone

"Breakdowns Can Be Such a Drag" - an article on overlapping motion by Keith Lango

Thanks guys, you rock! ...jazz? ...folk? Whatever you like, just keep the tut's coming!

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