Friday, February 02, 2007

From Kung Fu Chickens to Swashbuckling Vegetables

My last real post was way back in November and a lot has happened since then. By the end of that month, my time on Chop Socky Chooks had come to a close. I only got to work on about five episodes, but it was really fun while it lasted. I'm certainly not sorry to be moving on to my next assignment, though. Some of you may recognize these guys:

The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything originally debuted as characters in a "Silly Song," but now they're being promoted to big-screen status. The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A Veggie Tales Movie is the second VT theatrical release after Jonah back in 2002.

Many people don't know that shortly after the Jonah movie Big Idea Productions went bankrupt and the creative properties were sold to Classic Media. The Big Idea animation studio was closed and since then all production has be out-sourced (in-sourced?) to our studio in Toronto, Canada. Though it was unfortunate that so many people had to go through those hard times we are lucky that the VT franchise has survived and the videos are still as good as ever. The original creators (who are also the voice actors) have reached an agreement that allows them to still write and direct the new videos and we're all glad for that. You can get the whole story from the horse's mouth over at

A lot of really fantastic animators came from the studio that Larry and Bob built. People like Keith Lango, Aaron Hartline, Mark Behm, Michael Comet, and Justin Barret, inspired me through school and continue inspiring me as they have continued sharing their work over the internet. Those are some big shoes to fill and I don't really feel worthy of a feature animation credit, but I'll take it!

So we started layout in December and finished last week. This week I officially started animating. Finally, I can tell people what I'm working on and they will actually remember it 2 mins later. My first shot was the very first shot after the opening credits. Keep your eyes peeled 'cause it's only 30 frames long.


  1. Looking forward to seeing your name in the closing credits again Tim. Keep up the good work.


  2. Lookin' good buddy.