Friday, March 16, 2007

Chop Socky O'Chooks

In time for the St. Pat's Day weekend there's going to be a sneak peak airing of the first episode of CSC on Teletoon today at 5pm. (That's in Canada, only. For everyone else it will eventually be on Cartoon Network, but I don't know when) So if you happen to be sitting at home for some reason, flip on the tube and see what I'm talking about. I believe the show's regular spot is 4pm on Sundays, starting this Sunday so if you miss it today, I'll forgive you. For the most part I only worked on the even numbered episodes, but No.1 is one of the best. Good job by that team.

For anyone who won't be seeing it this weekend there's a little promo video up on Decode's website: HERE

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  1. watched the promo video. Looks pretty cool.