Monday, April 23, 2007

New Demo Reel !!

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The new reel includes work that I did on Chops and a couple of animation tests that I did for a video game company. The Veggies movie has not completed animation yet, let alone been released, so obviously I haven't included any of my work from that.

I haven't uploaded a breakdown sheet for the new reel yet, but basically I was only responsible for the character animation. The one main exception is the treehouse bit with the boy and girl characters. You can blame me for everything on that one.

I have updated my resume as well.

Any comments and critiques are welcome.


  1. Eduardo11:34 am

    Hey Tim!
    How are you?
    Awesome work on choppy socks!
    Congrats my friend!
    See ya

  2. eduardo11:38 am

    I mean Chop Socky Chooks. understood. hehehe