Tuesday, June 05, 2007

We made it!

It was a long drive, about 50hrs, but we made it to LA safe and sound. Pretty amazing considering we were driving a 10 year old Neon loaded down with as much of our stuff we could cram into it.

Work is great. I have two weeks of education before starting production.

I'm a little disappointed by the weather. My wife and I were two Canadians in LA, freezing our butts off in shorts and no sleeves. I suppose that's a good thing though, because our apartment won't have A/C.

More to come, and pictures too, once we find a charger for our camera battery (oops!)


  1. Dude, what part of LA did you move to? I live in Pasadena. Where you at?

  2. I'll see you at the wedding, Misha.