Friday, March 23, 2012

Blocking Technique by Kevin Jackson (Updated)

Kevin "KJax" Jackson shares this fantastic tip on a quick blocking workflow that is not only fast and simple, but keeps your blocking very easy to edit up until you commit to move on. The technique uses one of the many tools included in MGtools which comes in both free and paid versions. I already have a tool that my genius friend Anthony made that does the same thing so I haven't checked to see if you need the paid version of MGtools or not.
Kevin was a year behind me in school and whereas I only had a brief stint at Rhythm & Hues he's been there for about 5 years and has earned the role of supervising animator. His animation is not only imaginative and well polished, but he works quickly so it's worth listening to any advice he has to share.
Update: Kevin has uploaded Part 2 in which he shows how the technique works in an actual shot with more complexity. He also shows off a few more of the many fantastic functions of the MGtools suite of MEL scripts.
found via Animators Resource


  1. Hey
    So you were one of the lucky winners to get a drawing! :P
    Please send your postal address to OneDayLeFIlm@Gmail.Com and I'll get it out to you once everyone else has finally given their address too!!
    Definietly gonna check out these vids when I get a mo!

  2. Hi Laurent,

    That's awesome, thanks!

    (For those who don't know, Laurent was part of a team at Gobelins who created the amazing short film "One Day"

  3. Hi Tim, remembering you and enjoying watching your demo reels. Wishing you the best!

    1. Maria from SVAD? Hi, and thanks! Unfortunately I won't be making it down for the upcoming reunion. Would've been great to see everybody, though.