Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Demo Reel Feedback from Animation Mentor Jean-Denis Haas

Animation Mentor hosted a contest at CTNx 2010 for a free eCrit of two randomly selected demo reels. I submitted my latest reel and was one of the winners! I found JD's critique useful and there's no sense hogging all of the wisdom to myself so it's about time I shared it here with the rest of you.

Below are the notes that I took away from JD's eCrit:

Notes from AM CTNx eCrit of Tim Sormin's Animation Reel

Fortunately for me, my reel had already done its job by landing me the job that I wanted. I didn't have the time (or in some cases didn't have the Maya files) to edit any of the actual animation, but for educational purposes I decided to re-edit my reel based on his feedback. Here's the shorter, more focused result:

I think it's better, but I accidentally killed the audio - oops! So thanks JD and Animation Mentor. Hopefully this info will help me, and any readers I may have at this humble blog, make better reels in the future.

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  1. Thanks for posting that critique. Gave me some direction in deciding what to eliminate from my reel which is overly long. Excellent animation too btw!