Nunchaku Reveal Cinematic

Originally created for the release of Warframe in China, this cinematic sequence was cut into a trailer and as far as I know it has never been shown in its complete, standalone form until now!

As the animator responsible for creating the nunchaku (AKA "Ninkondi") melee combo animations in game I was most familiar with their rather technical animation requirements and was therefore tasked with creating "a 30 second reveal cinematic" for them. That was quickly shortened to half that length. Other than duration I was given complete freedom to do whatever I wanted so long as I could handle it on my own in the time allotted. I was responsible for everything from concept, to layout and cameras, to final animation. I leveraged existing mocap as much as possible for the background characters and keyframed the hero characters.

Unfortunately, as it was only used as footage cut into a trailer it never received it's own dedicated audio pass. Fortunately, I was able to take some audio from a different part of that same trailer and overlay it so that it fits reasonably well.